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Individual therapy is the most popular and solution-focused form of therapy. During the session, you have opportunity for confidential and intense attention to self exploration and building your real-self.  Also it is a chance to focus on deep emotional and personal issues.


Many couples face long-term and persistent misunderstandings and conflicts. Couple therapy provides the opportunity to explore your differences and create mutual understanding in your relationship. It is a setting to build trust, respect, friendship, and ideal romantic connections.

Family Therapy

Family is the most important setting to learn values, norms, negative and positive characteristics.  Because of complexity of family dynamic, individuals often find themselves in persistent conflict with other family members. Family therapy will redefine roles and personal responsibilities for each member. It will also create an environment for healing and mutual understanding.


This is the most critical stage of our life.  Adolescents need coaching and guidance. We offer coaching session to teach teens to improve their sense of judgment, communication skill, and academic performance. During the session we focus on peer influences, dating, drugs/alcohol, physical, and emotional fitness.  Relationship with parents and other family members are considered as significant part of training.

Career Consultation

Changing or finding a career, choosing a college major, and moving to another location can be an overwhelming life decision.During the career counseling we identify the factors influencing your decision, and match your needs to your new position. Your field of study is a great investment in your future, and job satisfaction has major influence on our happiness.

Short-term Therapy

Considering  time and cost, short-term therapy tends to be more specific in setting and achieving goals. We focus on changing specific undesirable behaviors, feelings, and perceptions.  It is more goal-oriented and less concerned about past issues.

Life Coaching


Personal Coaching | Career Coaching | Executive Coaching

When we choose a personal coach, we want to become the best at whatever it is that we are trying to achieve. We need a boost, someone that help us define and clarify our goals. Personal coach will guide you to develop a balanced life. A coach is able to help you to explore your values, dreams, and potentials. Your coach will assist you discover and reach your highest potential in a short period of time. To lead others you must first lead yourself. What leadership skills, knowledge, interpersonal skill, and emotional intelligence are critical for success in your personal, professional, and organizational life?The answers are discussed step by step in coaching sessions.


Psychotherapy | Life Coaching

Dr. Nazempoor will provide individual, couple and career therapy by phone anywhere in the world.  If you like to schedule an appointment with Dr.Nazempoor for a telephone therapy and consultation, please call  (214) 727-7717 or email him.  All appointments must be prepaid before the session. The rate will be discussed considering your financial situation. (See Payment Center for information on how to pre-pay)

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