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Depression is the most common form of emotional difficulties. When symptoms are more severe and persistent, the category of depression changes from situational depression to clinical depression. Due to neurochemical component to this type of depression, client will benefit from psychotherapy and antidepressant medication. Clients with high level of commitment, with a motivated therapist have a high chance of recovery.


We all are very familiar with different level of anxiety. Anxiety is experienced in different forms. Generalized anxiety, fear of social situations, phobia, andpanic attacks with physical and emotional intensity are common. Mild form of anxiety can be treated with psychotherapy, and a wellness program, including exercise, proper eating, relaxation, and sense of spirituality. More severe form of anxiety should be treated with psychotherapy and anti-anxiety medications. Anxiety is a treatable condition.

Marital/relationship therapy

A healthy relationship and romantic life is one of the most important basic human needs. Many couples struggle to find or sustain their ideal romantic and secure relationship. Lack of communication and mutual understanding create painful power struggle and persistent conflicts. Reaching a win-win situation is very much possible in relationships. It is a basic need for both men and women.

Family Therapy

Family unit as the most important part of our lives has multiple dimensions. Resolving old family issues is the first step in creating a healthy and balanced life style. We all have “unfinished businesses” that must be resolved. Again it is possible to create forgiveness and healing within family unit.

Adolescents Therapy

Our Adolescents need proper coaching and therapy to move to a more mature stage of life. All children regardless of their issues need 5-8 coaching/training sessions.


Drug/alcohol abuse, eating disorder, sexual addiction, and gambling are long term forms of addiction. In modern society we are facing other forms of addiction such as addiction to Internet and pornography. We get to a point in our life that we are not able to deny the fact that we are out of control and not able to stop undesirable behaviors. This is the time to seek help and gain back your self-control.

Anger management

Anger and frustration has potential to be useful in our life. It motivates us to change painful situations. However, out of control anger and long-term rage is self destructive and damaging to other people and family members. Anger has potential to become a form of addiction. Managing anger is the biggest step to improve our self-control and personal power.

Stress Management

When demands from our daily living and the environment exceed our resources, stress is an inevitable result. Research has established a clear connection between stress and medical and emotional health. High stress has significant effect on our blood pressure, heart functioning, and immune system. We are able to learn how to manage our high stress. It is simple.


Going through difficult time is expected but not anticipated. Learn how to deal with these rough periods. Understand yourself, laws of universe, and human nature. Have faith and patience.

Gay/lesbian Issues

In modern society human relationships and issues have multiple forms. Understanding of each form and learning to resolve it is natural part of being a member of a community.

Career Therapy

Dissatisfaction with job and place of employment is a very common part our daily life. People feel that they are not living up to their potential. Searching for a new career and developing new skills are part of dynamic living. Exploring these options in therapy session create more effective result and motivation to take action.

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