Vision Building for ages 20-30

Ages 20 to 30 is a gateway to the world of adult life with all the responsibilities attached to it. It is the crucial period of your life to build up the foundation of your future. In today’s knowledge-based economy, a college degree is a necessary qualification for entry into an adult life. A sound decision making in this stage of life determine your future level of success in career, relationship and being a productive member of a community.

At ages 20 to 30, forming a clear vision is a necessary part of building a successful future:

1. Anticipating your field of study 2. Anticipating your career 3. Your strategy to form a healthy long term relationship 4. Becoming part of different social/spiritual/ business groups 5. Preparation to become a productive leader and member of community


1. One visit with Dr. Nazempoor | Basics of Vision Building 2. 5 visits with Dr. Nazempoor | Five stages of Vision building

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