Vision Building for Teens


The most challenging period of our life is during teenage years. Raising successful teenagers in modern society with the power of social media, and dual earning couples is becoming a more difficult task for parents and teachers.

Dr. Nazempoor has developed programs to help your teenager to move to a successful adult life. From vision building to power of anticipation, we can help teenagers to use power of preparation for a successful career, relationship, physical and mental health.

1. Substance abuse education
2. Self-confidence building skills
3. Learning emotional intelligence skills
4. Decision making skills
5. Improving school performance
6. Resolving boyfriend or girlfriend issues without incidents
7. Learning team work through sport, art, and community work
8. Spirituality and faith

Programs include

1. One visit with Dr. Nazempoor | Basic Program
2. 5 visits with Dr. Nazempoor | Eight stages of Teens Vision Building

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