How to Achieve Happiness


As we get older reaching a higher stage of happiness becomes a mastery and a secret to find. Motivational psychologists and great spiritual leaders show us step by step strategies to achieve happiness. Each one offers different solutions.

In reality of everyday life, it is all about emotions and feelings. It is all about making connections. Learning the way to create positive and fulfilling moments is the gateway to happiness. Managing emotions, producing good feelings in a healthy way to work for you, not against you, is a strategy for successful people.
An enlightened state of being requires consciously striving for a life with meaning.

Dr. Nazempoor has developed a dynamic and practical program so everybody is able to follow and achieve a degree of happiness and peace.

1. Build connections with freedom of thinking
2. Build purpose and meaning
3. Value creativity and learning
4. Include others in your purposeful life
5. To focus upon the present
6. Avoid “Greed” and “Ego” in your decision making
7. Keep moving forward, no excuses


1. One visit with Dr. Nazempoor | Basics of Happiness and Fulfillment
2. 5 visits with Dr. Nazempoor | Five Elements of Reaching Happiness

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