Online Consultation and Coaching

Online Consultation and Coaching

The advantage of online (video) therapy is that it clearly resembles a standard therapy session or a doctor office visit. Online coaching allows you to see and hear each other as if you were face-to-face in our office setting. We are able to use Skype or Tango, which is a free online service for video calls. Online therapy has all the benefits of phone therapy plus it is the most intimate method available outside the formal office setting.

Confidentiality and security for online and phone consultation is as restricted as face-to-face office setting session. Dr. Nazempoor provides clients with the same privacy that would be afforded to them if the sessions were conducted in person. Our office follows the same HIPAA guidelines for treatment, confidentiality and privacy afforded to clients seen at the office.

The process to setup a online (Video) consultation session is simple:

1. Just call our office, email or text (214)727-7717 to schedule a session with Dr. Nazempoor
2. Please fill out a new Client Intake Form and Disclosure Form
3. Go to payment section and use the PayPal buttons to pay for your session. Also if you choose, you can pay by credit card. Text or email your card information prior to your scheduled session.


1. 30 Minutes with Dr. Nazempoor $65.00
2. 60 Minutes with Dr. Nazempoor $125.00

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