Therapy Approach

The Cognitive-Behavioral Approach (CBT)

CBT is based on the assumption that client’s behaviors and feelings are the result of learned thinking patterns. Most of the time these patterns are irrational and toxic. This approach focuses on evaluating the pattern of thinking and feeling and identifying faulty patterns that were learned in the past. Overall it examines client’s beliefs and behaviors. Negative beliefs lead to maladaptive behaviors. By evaluating and challenging these beliefs with new information and self-awareness, more adaptive behaviors can be developed. This approach is more short-term form of treatment comparing to other approaches. It is goal-oriented. CBT is especially beneficial for changing negative and not practical thinking and habits, learned behaviors, phobias, and many forms of depression.

Dr. Nazempoor, during the past several years, has found this approach more solution-oriented, and beneficial to most clients. His treatment approach is aimed at helping clients who are struggling to find new ways of thinking to empower themselves and create faith in infinite possibilities. All they need to do is to be motivated and change their faulty pattern of thinking. Dr. Nazempoor believes that by focusing on individual’s strengths rather than their weaknesses, we are able to focus on the inherent tendency of all people to maximize their potentials. He coaches clients to reach their goals step by step with high level of enthusiasm and motivation. Working with people is his passion. His purpose is to do the best everyday, be the best of himself and help other people to be the best of themselves.

The Psycho Dynamic Approach

Therapeutic approaches differ in many basic ways. The goal of each trained psychotherapist is to facilitate dynamic change, personal growth, and rebuild true-self. One approach known as psycho dynamic psychotherapy ( also refer to as psychoanalytic) is based on the premise that the past significantly shapes the current life. It examines early childhood experiences and painful memories. A person may have become “stuck” in any previous life stage. These hidden and limiting patterns often play out automatically. They may interfere with person’s ability to have intimate relationship with others. During the treatment process psychotherapist help the client to get in touch with previously suppressed feelings, desires, and thoughts. This approach usually is long term comparing to other type of therapy. This is the treatment of choice for relatively high-functioning clients who like to know themselves deeply.

Dr. Nazempoor uses this approach in some cases. When issues are persisting and we do not have measurable progress, he considers deeper review of childhood problems and patterns of unfinished businesses. Based on the outcome of his detail evaluation, Dr. Nazempoor may recommend further psychological evaluation and possibility of medications.

Dr. Nazempoor believes in holistic approach. There is no one solution for complex problems. Therefore he uses all available methods to find all possible solutions.

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