Policies & Agreements

Missed or Canceled Appointment

There will be a charge when you miss, cancel or reschedule any session without notifying our office at least 24 hours ahead of time. Clients not giving adequate cancellation or rescheduling notice, will be charged $75.00 fee for each hour of missed appointment. If a client arrives late to any session she/he is still responsible for the fee. Payment in full is expected before the session.

Termination of Services

Client or therapist may choose to terminate continuation of services at any time. The party choosing to terminate the relationship must contact the other party through email or phone call with reasons for termination. Therapist will provide referrals for more appropriate services if it will benefit the client.

Privacy & Confidentiality

All forms of communication will be strictly confidential. All phone calls, including telephone sessions are conducted in a private setting and held in strict confidence.

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