1. Keep Moving Forward, No Excuses

2. Clarity of Motives, Intentions, and Values = Clarity in Decision Making

3. Faith + Plan of Action + Patience = Master your Mission

4. Four dimensions of successful living:Self-worth/Achievements + Love and connection + clear Purpose + emotional/physical health

5. Self-Control = Self-Confidence

6. Master your emotions: Avoid Getting Hurt(Law of 90/10)

7. Personal Responsibility vs. Victim Mentality

8. Science + Religion + Knowledge = Create Certainty

9. Realignment With Your True-Self = Achieving Objectives

10. It is all about building and keeping relationship

Discover and Follow the Universal Principles

A. Critical thinking=Balanced judgment
B. Law of Expectations vs. Habit of Assumptions
C. Do not take small thing for granted = make it count
D. Infinite options + multidimensional thinking
E. Attachment vs Detachment
F. Power of anticipation + preparation = Vision Thinking ahead of your time
G. Calculated risk taking = Getting ahead
H. Compationate + Assertiveness= effective communication


Keep Moving Forward, No Excuses

Even though our beliefs, thinking, and perceptions are our main sources of guidance in decision making and taking action, emotions are what we feel and deal with in any given situation. Every thought and belief is tied to emotion. In reality beliefs and values are our emotionalized thoughts. For example, if you believe in equality and justice for all, when you observe inequality and unfairness in the work place, a social function, or a family setting, you react to the situation with strong emotion and passion. Your reaction is more likely to manifest in the form of anger, outrage, and insisting for change.

Most Powerful Emotions

Every change we make, each action we take, is either originated in “Love” or “Fear.” These are the most powerful emotions we experience in our relationships and interactions with the outside world. The common definition of love is: loving yourself and others, being peaceful, caring, and nice in your actions and reactions. A more broad definition of love, which we refer to as “dynamic love” includes: faith in the laws of the universe, unlimited options, consistency, persistence, faith in a solution for every problem, and being able to use all possible tools to move forward in any setting. It is the ability to create joy and passion. It means not to get stuck in any situation or at any stage of life, and to continue seeking solutions by taking action. The goal of dynamic love is peace and balance. It is our broad understanding that there is another door to knock on. Just keep looking for it and you will find it. Fear is another fundamental emotion. Fear is the opposite of dynamic love. The goal and origin of fear is insecurity. With fear we easily fall into the realm of selfishness, being overly protective and self-centered, using anger, rage, hate, and aggression to gain control. By choosing fear, we use unhealthy methods of gaining control in our personal lives and in social, business, and political environments. Parents with insecurities, will create fear in the family setting to gain control over their children. Leaders, in desperate need for power, use propaganda to create fear in society. They show their enemies, as being more powerful than they actually are, posing a higher level of threat and aggression. With fear we become angry, full of resentment, with a higher potential for depression, anxiety, loneliness, isolation, and being impatient with people. Prejudice and racism, with some level of hate for people being different from us, are originated in fear. Lack of tolerance for others, because of different views and opinions is a clear indication of living with fear and being deprived of dynamic love.


Although we are not able to eliminate fear from our lives, it is crucial to make a decision between dynamic love and fear, as our main source of guidance and direction. This is a conscious decision we have to make. Living with fear is a mentality that starts everything with negativity and doubt. It does not see good in people, or situations. Faith in God and religion is a subconscious source of fear, with the threat of going to hell and being punished. Living with dynamic love is an attitude that begin with a positive approach. God is good as a source of abundance, giving, and forgiveness. In times of difficulties, you know that an answer is within your reach. With this mentality you have a broad-based freedom to fulfill your basic needs, such as the need for security and certainty, the need for variety and excitement, and the need for love and connection. In our daily lives, we meet individuals who show passion and high interest in anything they do. You feel their excitement and joy. They have the fear inside, but they choose the dynamic love and determination to guide them.


Entering into the realm of dynamic love, one must follow five principles:

1. Everything is moving, in the form of energy, and vibrates at a certain frequency. You must keep moving with these frequencies and not get stuck in your mind or your thinking.

2. Reach for and seek balance in all your actions. If peace and joy are your ultimate goals, balance must be your ultimate tool. Yes, sometimes it is necessary to sacrifice comfort, and work extra hard to reach the expected outcome. At the same time, impulsive, out of control emotions and thinking will damage the outcome.

3. Keep the “Ego” under control and believe in fairness and justice. Avoid putting yourself at the center of every action and decision without considering other people’s interests and welfare.

4. Use broad vision and freedom in thinking. Be multidimensional in your thinking and consider all options and possibilities. Advocate for a spirit of cooperation and seek other’s opinions and advice in reaching your decisions.

5. Be aware of your positive and negative emotions and keep in touch with yourself hour by hour. You have the choice to change the direction of your negative emotions. To keep the dynamic love alive one must stay in touch with positive sources of energy. Dynamic individuals, books, motivational CDs, spiritual connections, and nature are a few sources of positive energy. In order to keep moving, you must keep in touch with sources of movement and action.

We all have the potential to use love and passion as our motivation and drive, in dealing with people, and finding solutions for problems in daily living. Believing in the ability to create joyful moments and not being a burden for others, will make the dynamic love our ultimate choice for guidance. With this choice we provide ourselves with a powerful tool to gain control, without controlling others. All doors are open to master our emotions and use them in making decisions. This method will give us freedom in action and keep us free from getting stuck. Just look around; you will find the resources. Keep your mind open, and the resources will come to you.

Key Principles 2-10 will be discussed .

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