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“Dr. Nazempoor, with his dynamic and well rounded leadership skills in working with individuals, couples, families, and business owners, is a well known and respected psychotherapist and personal coach in the DFW metropolitan area. He provides quality Counseling Service in Dallas TX. During the past 21 years he has helped thousands of people to reach their goals in the areas of love-relationship, self-worth, and achievement. He is an author of many articles as well as a lecturer. Through a detailed evaluation of each client, he designs a plan of action meeting the needs of each person or couple.

His cognitive behavioral therapy technique mixed with personal coaching style gets to the core of issues with direct and practical solutions. Through power of Neuro-association he coaches the client to interrupt negative patterns of thinking and behaviors.

He is a founder of Coaching for Emotional Intelligence, PLLC in Texas. He believes that IQ is not a determining factor in creating a balance and healthy life style. Learning to be emotionally intelligent will improve the self-control and personal power in making better decisions and creating positive feelings and behaviors in life.”

Dr. Nazempoor has two active licenses from state of Texas.  He is a Licensed Professional Therapist, focusing on depression, anxiety, personal growth/achievement, and relationship/marital issues.  He is also a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor focusing on addiction including substance abuse issues, gambling, sexual addiction and eating disorder.  Psychotherapy and life coaching with Dr. Nazempoor is solution-focused and goal-oriented. The goal is your empowerment. He believes  “YOUR POWER IS IN YOUR CONTROL”.  We need to actively discover it with a holistic approach using all available methods and possibilities.

Commitment to Success

Quality commitment is what separates good from great. Commitment to excellence is a force to drive you to achieve what you want. Successful people do not see failure. The only thing they see is outcome and result. Stop believing in failure. Change your action until you get the result and outcome you are looking for. Learn about “LAWS OF UNIVERSE” and just follow them.

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