Phone Counseling and Coaching

Phone Counseling and Coaching

Now you are able to have phone consultation with Dr. Nazempoor from the privacy of your home or office. You can schedule a session from anywhere in the United States or all over the world 7 days a week.

We have a growing number of clients showing interest in the possibility of conducting sessions by telephone.

Whether you like to have one consultation session over a simple daily life issue or multiple sessions. If you need clarity over your relationship issues, decision making in business/career, parenting concerns, self-confidence building, or anger management, phone consultation is a very effective method. Also it is an effective and convenience method of counseling for couple in a long distance relationship, busy professionals, full-time parents, and homebound clients due to physical limitations. Many of our clients have moved to other cities or travel a lot but we have maintained the continuity of our regular consultation appointments.

Also it is a convenience method if you need quick solution focused consultation for an issue that may not require multiple sessions.

The process to setup a phone consultation session is simple:

1. Just call our office, email or text (214)727-7717 to schedule a session with Dr. Nazempoor
2. Please fill out a new Client Intake Form and Disclosure Form
3. Go to the payment section and use the PayPal buttons to pay for your session. Also if you choose, you can pay by credit card. Text or email your card information prior to your scheduled session.


1. 30 Minutes with Dr. Nazempoor $65.00
2. 60 Minutes with Dr. Nazempoor $125.00

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