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Dr. Nazempoor is available to speak to your cultural center, social club, spiritual/religious organization, school, business, and meetings. Seminars should be scheduled 2-4 weeks in advance. The purpose of these seminars is to help individuals of all ages to empower themselves and create a balanced life style, regardless of their differences.

  • Ego: Meaning of False-Self and True-Self
  • Meaning of Freedom and Self Awareness
  • Effective Communication Skills in Relationships
  • Secrets of Successful Marriage
  • Am I Really Depressed? What kind of depression? Solution.
  • My Anxiety: What Level of Anxiety? Solution.
  • Why My Marriage failed? Is it possible to save it?
  • Self-confidence=Self-control
  • Power of Spiritual thinking: Creating Purpose and meaning
  • Power of Energy: Sources of Positive Energy
  • Power of Decision Making
  • Discover the Laws of Universe and follow them
  • Anger Becoming an Addiction: Solution.
  • Teens and Power of Anticipation: Where are you 10 years from today?
  • Why My Adolescent is not Happy and Successful in Life?
  • Detoxify your emotion, thinking and body
  • Parenting Your Difficult Teen
  • Difficulties of Raising Children in a Dual Cultural Setting: Solution
  • Why Addiction? Dynamics of addiction in families: Solution
  • Unfinished Business and Ongoing Emotional Pain


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12820 Hillcrest Road, Suite 107 Dallas,Texas 75230

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5850 Town and Country Blvd #801, Frisco, TX 75034, USA

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